The Moving Picture: Deep Thoughts on Multiple-Camera Projects

Jan OzerEvent DV by Jan Ozer I recently shot my 20th multi-camera shoot, and it's helped crystallized my thoughts on the do's and don'ts of multicamera production to a level that I hope will benefit others who shoot and edit with multiple cameras. Before the event, I met with my crew to discuss the rules of the shoot, the most important of which (with any event shot with multiple cameras) is never to stop the camera until the end of a set or other natural break. This limits the number of times you have to synch the streams during editing. Rule number two is that even though I had one "safe" camera covering the entire stage, the individual videographers should shoot so that their video is always usable. No jump zooms or pans to different locations; all movements should be measured and smooth. This helps if/when my safe camera breaks, and also helps ensure that no bad video sneaks into the final cut. read more...

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