The New HP DreamColor: It’s all about the Color Space

Hurlburt Visuals by Shane Hurlburt

I was looking back at all my old BTS pictures from Act of Valor with the old HP DreamColor display drilled to a Pelican case and said to myself, “Look how far we have come.” With the release of the new Z27x and the Z24x monitors, we should look at what makes these babies different from the old workhorse that served as my eyes into the DSLR color space for over five years.

As a side note, we are required by HP’s legal team to disclose that we have received compensation in the form of sponsor dollars related to this post/statement. Those sponsor dollars allow us to continue to offer this wonderful resource for FREE to filmmakers globally. Those of you who know me understand my gear choices are dictated by the particular story that I am filming. Now, back to my post.
“What is the Difference?”

Right off the bat, I saw a massive improvement in resolution and detail. The design of the monitor is much sleeker and offers some wonderful upgrades. This monitor resolution is 2560×1440, which will accept 2K as well as doing a 3840×2160 or 4096×2160, which can be displayed scale to fit or pixel-for-pixel with dynamic scroll. That is impressive. It delivers a true 10 BIT color reproduction, not these fake ones. If you look at any high-end post facility or color-grading house, DreamColors rule the roost. That alone is reason to be excited about their product. read more...

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