The next generation of PCs is about to arrive - up to 50% faster!

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Every couple of years computer hardware shifts up a gear and the next shift is about to arrive. New motherboards, new processors and a new RAM format could see performance increases of 50% or more.
September will see the release of a new generation of PC hardware that could improve the performance of high-end systems by a huge amount. This new hardware will be expensive at first, but for power-hungry gamers and multimedia professionals the performance gains should be well worth it.

New Motherboards

September sees the release of Intels new X99 chipset and there will be a flurry of Motherboards based around it from Intel, MSI, EVGA and other manufacturers. The X99 or "Wellsburg" family of chipsets support new processors, faster RAM, more USB3 ports and a new version of SATA, SATA Express, which will allow access to a new generation of SSD drives at speeds of 10Gbps, 67% faster than SATA 3.0

New Processors

The new processors from Intel are the Haswell-E family (that's E for Enthusiast) The first three chips should be available in September and they will come in 6 and 8 core variants with clock speeds of 3 to 3.7Ghz and up to 20MB of on board cache. With quad channel memory controllers, 40 lanes of PCI-express 3.0 and support for Hyperthreading this will give up to 16 cores from a single processor and massively increased throughput to the memory and graphics cards. read more...

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