The Padcaster: A Replacement for the OB Van?

nycpp by Joe Herman

Tired of filling up a van or driving a mobile production truck to your live shoots? Here’s a another solution: get a Padcaster for your iPad. Designed by Josh Apter, the Padcaster is a frame with a heavy-duty urethane insert that allows you to then easily mount your iPad onto a professional tripod. (Apter also happens to run New York’s Manhattan Edit Workshop.)

There are numerous screw thread holds around its aluminum frame where you can attach all kinds of useful accessories such as shotgun microphones, lights and more.

In case you need to shoot with your DSLR on a tripod every once in a while, you can slip the urethane insert out of the aluminum frame and mount it inside the Padcaster’s frame instead. Then you can continue to use the Padcaster as a handy rig for microphones, lights, field monitors and teleprompters sans iPad. read more...

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