The Perfect Run and Gun Camcorder for You! The Panasonic AG-CX10

I do a lot of video work, be it video essays, podcasts, or live productions in general for my side project AN Productions. I am always on the move, and constantly am wishing for a camera I could use to better capture the moment. Lucky for me, I believe I found it. 

Having now used the Panasonic AG-CX10 Camcorder a lot, I can say this is the perfect camera for videographers who run and gun. I can see this camera being used extensively in sports production be it professionally or a local high school.

Recently, I just took the camera out to play around with it for my company AN Productions. I love hiking so taking the camera with me just let me accomplish two things for the price of one.

My overall thoughts of the camera are these:

This is not a cine-camera. It’s not a DSLR. But man, is this not one of the best camcorders I’ve ever used. And as someone who is constantly shooting sports events, or just having to run-and-gun in general… this camera is perfect.

This is a 4K camcorder that’s light weight, compact, and versatile. The number of settings available here can help out any kind of on-the-go production out there. Specifically, I can see it being used for documentarians, news reports, and of course sports.

While I used to work for a college sport program, I wish I had a CX10 instead of the extremely large and cumbersome camera I had to use. I certainly would have been able to do more and set up a lot quicker. 

For example, this camera is so easy to just throw into your hands, point, and shoot. While it’s big brother (AG-CX350) might have more versatility for professional higher end productions (Check out this Product Spotlight on the CX350 here!), the CX10 camcorder has a great 24x optical zoom, can shoot up to 4Kp60, utilizes HDMI or SDI out, and even has built in XLR ports perfect for audio. As you can see in the picture below, you can even adjust the audio settings to what you need. very customization.

In other words, the built in XLR ports makes it easy to either just mount a shotgun mic onto the mic holster directly, or use a longer cable to plug in so your talent can hold the mic and do a proper interview. No more worrying about sync issues.

Videoguys did brief video showing the comparisons between the CX10 and it's big brother XC350. Check it out here!

But in terms of the CX10’s versatility in run-and-gun situations, like I find myself in a lot, my favorite features is the built in light on the top of the unit. If I need to interview someone with less the great lighting conditions, I know I can rely on the CX10 to make sure my subject is illuminated for viewers to see.

With a firmware update, this camera can even be used over NDI, bring in control and video over ethernet. I can see that being an amazing asset for sports production as the camera roams up and down the bleachers to capture the audience, or even get good shots of the players on the field, maybe coach reactions (we love those).

Watch the full video here

Learn more about Panasonic here!

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