The Post FCP Fog

By Michael Kammes

On Friday night, I had the opportunity to join the 9th annual Pre NAB editors lounge panel discussion as a last minute fill in. I found myself uncharacteristically less participatory, mainly due to the experience and stature of the others on the panel. The brain power on the panel could power a small town.

During the mostly esoteric discussion, one of the comments I made was along the lines of “In the post FCP 7 fog, neither Avid nor Adobe have been aggressive in pursuing those in the fog”. (paraphrased) I had been ruminating on this notion for awhile, and off-off-off record conversations with folks at Adobe and Avid seemed to agree, so I honestly didn’t think it was a major point of contention.

Au contraire!

It seems this may not be the overwhelming viewpoint I had built up in my mind’s eye. Rather than turn the stage into a further off topic discussion, I thought my warm corner on the ‘net may be a good resting place. read more...

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