The ProHD Approach

VideoSystems By Steve Mullen ProHDThough not a format unto itself, JVC’s ProHD pushes HDV forward by capturing PCM audio and true 24p. At NAB 2005, JVC introduced its new HDV camcorder, the GY-HD100. This camcorder records to videotape in the HDV format, yet it is described as a ProHD product. ProHD is not a format unto itself, nor is it a sub-format of HDV. According to Dave Walton, JVC's general manager for corporate communications, ProHD is “JVC's approach for delivering affordable HD products. It is also used to describe a family of bandwidth-efficient professional HD models.† ProHD differs from the types of HDV that have been implemented for JVC's HD10 and Sony's Z1/FX1 camcorders in that it includes two important new features. First, PCM audio on the tape — the other implementations of HDV capture only MP2 audio. Second, ProHD allows true 24p capture. read more...

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