The Promise Pegasus R4 Thunderbolt RAID user review

There has been a lot of debate on our Forum about the best RAIDs, configuration, speed, brands and so on. So it was very positive when we came across this excellent concise user review of the Promise Pegasus R4.

We posted Andrew Gormley's FCPX training class details yesterday, but he also does a few equipment reviews. He very kindly gave us permission to share his experience of the Promise Pegasus R4 thunderbolt RAID.

The Promise Pegaus R4

If I'm not mistaken, the Promise Pegasus R4 and R6 were the first commercially available Thunderbolt drives and show stealers at NAB 2011. That doesn't come as much of a shock when you consider that most editors were still using bus technologies that were nearing a decade old at the time. Thunderbolt made some hefty claims about speed and expandability and has followed through on them nicely if not a bit slower than expected.

The Design

Not much to say here that you couldn't already glean from the pictures. The Pegasus R4 is a piece of hardware you'll want to display proudly alongside your other gear. This is good news because the furthest you can position it from your computer is six feet, the length of Apple's Thunderbolt cable, which you'll need to fork over an extra fifty bucks to obtain. At 15 pounds and dimensions of 7.3x7.7x9.9 inches, it gladly declares "You can move me, but I'm not portable!" To me, that's a great thing and one of the few redeeming qualities of my exisiting Drobo. read more...

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