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HP Workstations

When it comes to choosing a workstation that delivers uncompromising performance, there’s simply no contest. Take it from experience.

“I started using HP Workstations, because anything that made the work faster gave me more chances to make it better.” – Rob Legato, Visual Effects Supervisor

Awesome performance – straight out of the box.

Thanks to the incredible processing power of the HP Z8 Workstations, Rob and Mark are able to take on massive workloads, running multiple workstreams simultaneously without ever slowing down.

When you need more, add more in seconds.
Creativity is always changing, so we created the HP Z8 Workstations to feature tool-less serviceability, letting you easily get inside and expand your hardware to have the power and speed to fit your needs. Whatever they are, whenever you want.

Expand your HP Z8 Workstation




NVIDIA CUDA Processing cores




Internal Storage


PCIe slots

Thunderbolt 2.01

HP Z820 Workstation

“We can take any footage, any format you can imagine, from GoPro files, DSLR files, 4K files – we can drop ‘em right into the edit and they play back perfectly.” – Jonathan Bird, Producer, Jonathan Bird’s Blue World

Hardware that’s made for your software
We worked directly with partners like Adobe®, Autodesk, and Avid to create software that’s optimized specifically to take advantage of HP hardware and the NVIDIA CUDA platform to wring even more powerhouse performance out of the GPU


Adobe® Creative Cloud gives you all you need to edit video, add motion graphics, mix sound, and more. All applications are optimized for HP Workstations so your creative world is all in one place.


HP Workstations are engineered to deliver whole-system computational power that makes creating digital media with Autodesk visual effects software faster and more efficient.


HP and Avid engineers collaborate to certify the latest versions of Media Composer, NewsCutter, and Pro Tools on the HP Workstations.

We come to you – not the other way around.
For 30 years HP has been supporting the creative professional, which is why we provide a limited three-year, on-site warranty2. So no more packing up equipment and hauling it in or sending it off. If anything goes wrong, we come to you, on your schedule, and get you back up and running fast.

HP - 3 years Limited on-site warranty
Mac Pro - 1 years Standard Apple Care

“This is the first year we’ve actually had technology that can keep up with the demands we are trying to meet.” – Devin Super Tramp, YouTube Content Creator

Go mobile – no cords, drives, or extras needed.
Creatives like Devin can’t be chained to an office, which is why HP created the ZBook – designed to deliver the same level of heavy-duty production and post production, no matter where you are, without any additional equipment.

Devin can seamlessly transition from the road to the studio, transferring all his data via Thunderbolt™ 2.01– the industry’s fastest, most versatile I/O connection. And with the HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional LCD display, he can see it all play back in one billion active colors.

Switch to Windows seamlessly
“The thing we were terrified about when switching over to PC’s, was learning Windows, but it wasn’t as bad as we thought, especially because we spend the majority of our time in Adobe® Premier Pro and the interface is exactly the same.”

Check out the full HP form Mac to Z page here is your source for HP Workstations

Check out these popular pre-configured HP Smart Buys
or click here to view all of the available systems

You may also call us at 800-323-2325 to have any of these HP Workstations
customized to meet your needs!

HP zBook 15 Mobile Workstation Smart Buy

HP zBook 17 Mobile Workstation Smart Buy

HP Z1 G2 27” All-in-One Workstation Smart Buy

HP's most innovative all-in-one workstation with a brilliant display and the latest technologies in an elegant, easily customizable design.

HP z420 Smart Buy
4 Cores & K4000

  • Xeon E5-1620v2 3.7 10MB 4C
  • 16GB (2x8) 1866 ECC
  • 256GB Solid State Drive
  • NVIDIA Quadro K4000 3GB
  • Thunderbolt 2
  • Blu-Ray Writer
  • Win 8.1 DG to Win 7 Pro 64
  • 3/3/3 Year Onsite Warranty


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HP Dream Color Z24x
Enjoy pure, consistent 10-bit color accuracy from design to production with push-button color space selection and easy color calibration on the amazingly affordable HP DreamColor Z24x Professional Display.

HP Dream Color Z27x
Work in brilliant, trusted color and bring your ideas to life with the HP DreamColor Z27x Professional Display, featuring HP’s unrivaled integrated calibration engine, 4K input support, and 10-bit color that drives up to 1.07 billion onscreen colors.

HP z620 Smart Buy
6 Cores & K4000

With up to 24 discrete processor cores, the HP Z620 Workstation packs a ton of computing and visualization power into a quiet, compact footprint.

  • Xeon E5-2643v2 3.5 25MB 6C
  • 16GB (4x4) 1866 ECC Reg
  • 256GB Solid State Drive
  • NVIDIA Quadro K4000 3GB
  • Thunderbolt 2
  • Blu-Ray Writer
  • Win 8.1 DG to Win 7 Pro 64
  • 3/3/3 Year Onsite Warranty


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HP z820 Smart Buy Dual Xeon 8 Cores & K4000

Introducing the HP Z820 Workstation, your launch pad for turning inspiration into reality. You gain unprecedented power for your ultimate projects.

  • TWO Xeon E5-2650v2 2.6 20MB 8C
  • 16GB (8x2) 1866 ECC
  • 1TB 7200 SATA HDD
  • NVIDIA Quadro K4000 3GB
  • DVD/RW
  • Win 8.1 DG to Win 7 Pro 64
  • 3/3/3 Year Onsite Warranty


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