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Gary is joined by Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer at PTZOptics, to discuss some exciting new updates and news for the PTZOptics family of cameras and devices.

PTZOptics has recently released some great firmware updates and new features for their cameras, that we are very excited about. We cover these features, and include a demo as well!

PTZOptics has also been a part of some great integrations with NDI, NewTek, VMix, OBS, WireCast and more!

Check out the full webinar below:

What's New with PTZOptics Cameras:

Gary and Paul also discussed some recent features and additions made to the capabilities of PTZOptics PTZ Cameras.  These features are listed below!

Tri-Synchronous Motion:

Control the speeds at which the cameras transition between presets, while synchronizing multiple cameras to pan, and zoom simultaneously.

Speed by Zoom:

This feature automatically slows the cameras movements down when zoomed in to allow for easier operation.

Focal Range Support:

You can now set a focal range to limit the cameras auto-focus to only be active in a certain area. (Ranges between 3-60 feet).

Focus Lock:

When you want to get a very specific area in focus while avoiding unwanted auto-focus adjustments. 

Focus on What Matters:

This is used with manual focus to create beautiful “Bokeh” features and combine with PTZ presets for precision control.

Additional Features:

The new features also include better color matching and pan/tilt limits.

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE.


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