The Rise of Flash Video

Digital Web Magazine by Tom Green flashTackle your own project with this step-by-step primer In the first two articles in this series, I traced the rise of the Flash video as a streaming media format, and demystified much of the hype around Flash video. In this installment, let’s get down to business and actually put a video on a site. You won’t need to learn how to do Flash animations—or learn anything else about Flash—in order to put videos online. You can jump right into preparing videos with Flash just by reading this article and some of the other resources I’ll recommend at the end. I’ll deal with the entire process, from someone handing you a video to a user actually viewing the Flash video in a browser, and you’ll do it without needing to know any code. Though the process is dead simple, the entire workflow can be both technical and, especially if you are new to Flash video, a little intimidating. read more...

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