The State of 3D

Millimeter by Jan Ozer

I wanted to know who's doing 3D, how, and for what types of productions. Dave Helmly, North American tech sales manager for pro video/audio at Adobe; CineForm CEO David Taylor; and Sean Kilbride, Nvidia's technical marketing manager, workstation products provided the answers in email interviews.

Dave Helmly, North American tech sales manager for pro video/audio at Adobe

What's your sense of how many videographers are now producing or trying to produce in 3D?

This is common question I get all the time and not an easy one to answer from the NLE side. We are getting a ton of questions about 3D workflows from the broadcast market, the independent events market and there is a lot of interest from our Premiere and After Effects user base about 3D which shows a huge interest. This is the main reason I made the 60 minute video.

What's their motivation?

Many of these customers say the same thing- the time to make money with 3D is now while it's still new and fresh. With new TV channels coming on line, the need for 3D content is growing. This includes local and national commercials. As you already know, there are a lot of desktop editors that make their living from national and local TV commercials and having the ability to do 3D stereo output gives them a leg up on their competition. read more..

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