The State of 3DTV

TV Technology by Jay Ankeney

What does DirecTV’s cutback portend?
LOS ANGELES: The broadcast industry could be at a significant watershed in the development of 3D broadcasting to the home.

In June, the DirecTV cut back its n3D channel, the first 3D channel intended for 24/7 broadcasting, to a part-time schedule. This is usually attributed to a lack of sufficient 3D content that can attract a home audience large enough to support its distribution.

“With the variety of other 3D channels and content that DirecTV currently offers, our customers have as much programming as there is available covering all genres including movies, sports and music,” said Chris Long, senior vice president, DirecTV Entertainment. “Regarding future plans, DirecTV will continue its commitment to broadcast quality 3D programming like NBC Universal’s 3D coverage of the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games that we are delivering to our customers nationwide.”
Many had hoped that the summer games in 3D would accelerate Americans’ interest in watching sports on 3DTVs. In fact, prior to the games, the NBC Sports Group, in conjunction with Panasonic, boldly announced that more than 240 hours of 3D programming from the London Olympics would be available.
However, as opposed to parts of Europe, over here all of that action-packed 3D was shown on a next-day delay. read more...

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