The Top 10 Lessons we Learned About Live Streaming this Past Year

Covid-19 has changed the live streaming and video communications in a major way. Many organizations were thrown head first into streaming, and had to change the way a lot of things were done. So as the world moves back to normalcy, what is the lasting footprint of the pandemic on Live Video?

Recently, posted a great article detailing ten lessons about streaming that can be taken away in the post Covid world.  We're taking a look at some highlights from that article, below.  

1. Everybody is a producer now. 

One lesson Covid taught us is that anyone can be a producer.  Educators, corporate professionals, churches and more all jumped into streaming to keep their day to day operations going with the power of video.  Anybody can get started streaming, and invest in equipment overtime to grow and produce more. 

2. This is innovation, lets fail more.

Live streaming is still new, and there are a million ways to create a project the right way- although there are about four wrong ways as well.  Live streamers should not be afraid to fail, as thats how the live streaming landscape will grow and evolve.  Remember, it will take about four tries to get your live stream right. 

3. Shorter attention span

Live video is already an over saturated space- as we said, everyone is a producer.  This content isn't being made for the same audience in other mediums.  Simply put, the attention span of your audience online is much shorter than anywhere else.  Live video must be produced crisply and move at an entertaining pace to maintain an audience. 

4. You need to nail the streaming part

A plan for what is going to be said on live video is important, as is the technical configurations.  You must be able to execute the workflow you are sticking with for a successful live stream. 

5. It's increasingly tough to meet audience expectations

When you first start, simply carrying out your stream is often enough, audiences will be engaged simply because you are using a new medium.  However, as time goes on, this won't be enough.  It's important to grow and evolve with your audience and the streaming landscape.  

6. Added intimacy

 Live streaming is all about appearing genuine.  It allows for real time communication with your audience.  This is why it's important to take advantage of this distinction, it is after all, what makes live streaming special. 

7. The Don'ts: 

The article from listed a lot of great tips for what not to do, and went into great detail, be sure to check them out before getting started. 

Check out the full article for the remaining bulletpoints, as well as some insight into each category, here. 

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