The Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Figure 2. New keyboard shortcuts for trim edits. In case you haven’t heard, Adobe has frozen development of its Creative Suite at version 6.0 (which the company will continue to sell and support, but not upgrade). Newer versions of the same products will be sold only under a monthly licensing arrangement via the Adobe Creative Cloud. Rather than being Premiere Pro CS7, or just CC7, Premiere Pro will now be known as Premiere Pro CC. As the title of this article suggests, here are the top ten reasons to upgrade to Premier Pro CC.

1. It’s New Code

One key reason to upgrade to any new program is that the code is new and upgraded since the previous version. Among other features with Premiere Pro, this means support for many more graphics cards and GPUs (compare the graphics cards supported by CS6 and CC). If you’re currently editing with a GPU that’s not supported under CS6 but is under CC, you’ll see a quantum leap in preview and rendering performance if you upgrade.

2. It’s the Creative Cloud

Check back in two weeks for a FAQs list on Adobe Creative Cloud, but here are some of the key benefits. First, you can expect a software refresh every 3 to 6 months, as opposed to the 12 to 18 month cycle for previous products. Each license gives you the ability to run the software on two computers (as before), which can be Mac or Windows, but it’s much easier to switch the licensed system. If you use the software on more than two computers, like I do, your life will get much easier. You can also save settings like keyboard shortcuts and workspaces to the Creative Cloud and easily share them among your licensed computers.

3. There Are Many More Keyboard Shortcuts

The fastest way to edit is typically via keyboard shortcuts. Premiere Pro has always done a good job in this regard, particularly with selectable keyboard shortcut collections the emulate Final Cut Pro 7 and Avid editors. With Premiere Pro CC, you get a lot more keyboard driven functionality, including the ability to adjust the volume of clips on the timeline, and switch between ripple, roll, and regular trim edits for both clips on a single edit point. read more...

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