The Top Ten things we love about Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt, its clearly a win win situation with the new Intel connection at the moment, and when we found out that someone had written a top ten guide, well we had to find out more.

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This is what they have to say about Thunderbolt:

Since being announced earlier this year, Thunderbolt has generated more press releases, product announcements and wildly speculative blog posts than you can shake a memory stick at. So we thought we'd do everyone a favour and sift through the speculation in order to find the top ten reasons to love Intel's new connection.1.

1. It's fast

Let's start with the obvious. That bi-directional 10 GBps bus speed far outstrips any other connection you'll find on most computers - it's eight times faster than FireWire 800 and twenty times what you can coax out of USB 2.0. This is big news for anyone who regularly works with HD video and D.I. workflows - Intel reckon that sending an entire HD movie over a Thunderbolt connection should take "about thirty seconds," though we don't know what type of HD movie they mean... read more..

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