The Ultimate PC Editing Suite

DMN By David Hague P5BDavid Hague decided to do the almost impossible – create the perfect PC editing suite In a way, a PC is like an accountant, doctor or lawyer. In the same way that everyone knows a “good† one and is happy to refer you to the one that they use, so if you ask anyone what makes a good PC for video editing (ie: building yourself from components), everyone has a say on their “best.† So it was with some trepidation that I suggested this story to my editor as I am sure it will generate lots of recourse – and indeed probably a flame or two! Contributing writer Kevin McAuliffe gave us his take on the Ultimate FCP Editing Suite, so here goes with The Ultimate PC Editing Suite. Oh and bear in mind this is from an Aussie perspective and out here in the colonial backwater, we may not have access to goodies our US other other o’seas cousins have. The motherboard or Mobo – would you believe for months when I had this term referenced to me, I thought I was being called a Nasty Gangsta Rapper Name - is the heart of the matter and it was here due to the varied models and configuration necessary I opted for some vendor advice. After shopping this around a number, based on specific criteria (see below), the consensus was that ASUS was the way to go and the P5B Premium Vista Edition is the duck’s guts mainly due to the fact it supports all Intel CPUs and is Vista ready, thus future-proofing the system, at least for a while. Not that I would be going Vista Any Time Soon. read more...

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