Things To Know about the amazing Teradek Bolt 500

The Teradek Bolt 500 3G-SDI & HDMI Video Transceiver Set provides a remarkable 300-foot range of wireless video transmission. It features SDI and HDMI cross conversion, simply input an SDI or HDMI source and output either on the receiver. Greg goes over the details of the Teradek BOLT 500, one of the top of the line wireless video transmitters. Featuring SDI and HDMI Inputs with cross conversion and a 500ft Range with .001 seconds of delay.

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The Bolt 500 supports uncompressed 4:2:2 1080p with less than 1ms latency from 300' with line of sight and 100' without line of sight. Our kits include a transmitter which requires D-Tap power from the included Lemo to D-Tap cable. The receiver is powered by in included LP-E6N. The transmitter has a small hot shoe swivel which can also be mounted on a 1/4"-20 hole. The receiver has a 1/4"-20 hole on it for whatever solution you have in mind.

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