Thoughts on Final Cut Pro X (from a non-Mac owner)

8 Frame Dissolve by Jason Konoza

First things first, I do not currently own an Apple computer. However, I’ve decided to now ’make the switch’ for my next editing computer to be a Mac product. After seeing the Final Cut Pro X preview at the NAB Supermeet this year, this seemed like a solid choice. Now, after 2 weeks of reading testimonials of FCPX, now I’m not so sure…

I wouldn’t say I’m an anti-Mac person. I’ve been using Final Cut Pro 6 at my day job for the past 3 years and have enjoyed it. Before then, I was strictly an Avid editor using Windows XP for 6 years. It was a difficult transition for me, but the wealth of online FCP resources helped smooth it out. By no means do I feel right now I’m an expert on FCP (or Mac computers in general) but I feel I can hold my own.

A couple years ago I invested in a Windows-based desktop (and Avid software) for personal use. It would have been nice to have a Mac to practice FCP at home, especially in my transition year at work. But since I had everything I needed to edit with my PC (and later adding on a Adobe CS5 package), I really had no need to invest in a Mac, and not another computer for that matter.

Which brings us to today, I am now considering a MacBook Pro purchase. I would like to make my editing more portable, so why not get the most powerful laptop I could afford? If I wanted to switch my Avid software to Mac, that’s fairly easy to do. If I already had Avid, why would I want to learn a totally new editing experience like FCPX? read more...

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