Three Developments in Post I’m Watching (From Afar) at IBC

Studiodaily by Scott Simmons

IBC has been going full swing for the last couple of days and there's been some cool products announced. It would be great to be in Amsterdam in person to walk the show floor, like StudioDaily Editor Beth Marchant, who has been covering the show live in Amsterdam. But those of us who aren't there have to rely on the wonders of the Internet (and our colleagues) to get our IBC fix. Here are my reactions, from a post-production standpoint, to three hot news items at the show.

Adobe Anywhere

I don't think Adobe Anywhere was a total surprise. Collaborative video editing is an important tool as we move into the future of video editing. But while watching a preview of this upcoming technology I was struck by how simple it is going to be to use once it ships (probably as a part of CS7). Adobe is clearly pushing Premiere Pro front and center with the Adobe Anywhere technology, since that will most likely be the tool people will use with Adobe Anywhere (it also support After Effects and Prelude). What I like about its simplicity is it's obviously not going to require an editor to do a lot of complex file and project management, just sign into a project and go to work. The demo I saw showed one of the editors working via WiFi on a MacBook Air. Collaboration was easy, the software tracked the versions of the cut that was being made, and it looked like it will let editors just edit. Nice.

There were a couple of things I noted while watching the demo. Adobe Anywhere will be "served," probably the best way to describe exactly where Adobe Anywhere originates from, from an "enterprise" server/hardware system, most likely in a high-end post house or production environment. I'm guessing that more info on exactly what type of setup will be needed to make Adobe Anywhere work will become available as we get close to the product shipping. read more...

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