Thunderbolt 2 RAIDs for Post Production

Toolbox by Jonny Elwin

What are the best Thunderbolt 2 RAIDS for post production professionals? Hopefully this post will give you a good overview of some of what’s available. If you have a Mac Pro or a recent Macbook Pro you’ve already got Thunderbolt 2 speeds at your finger tips.

Thunderbolt Peripherals for film editors

If you’ve not seen my quite extensive previous post ‘The Best Thunderbolt Peripherals For Film Editors’ then that will also be worth a read as I go into much more detail of the other options available to any editor considering expanding the connectivity of a Mac Pro or Macbook Pro laptop. You can also find details of a deal with Jigsaw 24 to get free shipping if you’re a UK customer!

Thunderbolt 2 RAIDS & Reviews

The Promise Pegasus 2 RAID series, with Thunderbolt 2 are all available in RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 or 60 configurations. (The image above is not to scale by the way!) They ship in 8TB ($1500), 12TB ($2250), 18TB ($2930) and 32TB ($4,500) capacities and all come with dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for easy daisy chaining.

Pegasus 2 RAID connected to mac Pro

Larry Jordan has written up a very thorough and practical review of the Promise Pegasus 2 with the largest 8-bay RAID.

Ultimately Larry says that the Pegasus 2 “provides massive storage, excellent speeds, all at a reasonable price.” read more...

Check out these items featured in this post and available to BUY NOW at
G-Technology G-RAID Studio 8TB Thunderbolt 2 RAID System $849.95 G-Technology G-SPEED Studio 16TB Hardware RAID Thunderbolt 2 Storage Solution $2,699.95 Promise Pegasus 2 R Series 8-bay, 24TB RAID with Thunderbolt2 $3,491.00

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