Thunderbolt 3: Revolutionary Technology for Content Creators

thunderbolt 3 technologyProVideo Coalition just posted a fantastic overview of Thunderbolt 3 technology. Find out about compatibility and if it's time to buy!
Is it the right time to buy Thunderbolt 3? If you’ve been buying expensive tech for a while you’ve probably been burned by early adoption at some point. Those of us who purchased the first Thunderbolt-equipped Macbook Pros struggled to find any drives on the market to connect to them. Is now a good time to buy Thunderbolt 3, or should you wait for it to become an established technology? If you’re also buying Thunderbolt 3 peripherals–a new 12big drive, a PCIe enclosure–then of course you have a compelling reason to buy Thunderbolt 3. If you already have a lot of existing gear outfitted with previous-gen Thunderbolt and USB connectors, it all comes down to the dongle factor. If you’re comfortable using a dongle to convert the USB Type-C connector to either the original Thunderbolt port or a USB 3.0 connector, then you’re really not going to have any major problems moving to a host workstation or laptop featuring Thunderbolt 3. Thunderbolt 3 is almost ridiculously backwards-compatible, with support for every flavor of Thunderbolt, DisplayPort 1.1 and above, and USB back to version 2.0 (sorry–it’s finally time to ditch that old USB 1.0 laser printer you’ve been threatening to buy new toner for)...[continue reading on ProVideo Coalition]

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