Thunderbolt and storage roundup from IBC 2013

So what was the big news about storage at IBC 2013? Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2. We did the tour of the storage and peripheral booths on the basis that most of us won't be buying a Petabyte SAN!

When Apple launched new Macs with Thunderbolt, The Promise Pegasus R6 and R4 were one of the first storage units to feature the new interface. Now Thunderbolt 2 is almost upon us with the release of the new Mac Pro, Promise have announced the new Pegasus2 R6 with Thunderbolt 2.

The new unit looks exactly like the previous model, except that little blue two on the logo.

Same daisy chain connectors only on the back, but this time they are Thunderbolt 2.

Now the bad news. The new model wasn't even plugged in and they wouldn't give out any stats on performance or an indication of price. Availability will be before the end of the year.

We can see the combination of a new Mac Pro, a new Thunderbolt 2 Promise Pegasus RAID and the new AJA Thunderbolt 2 IO 4k being a killer 4K edit kit for the new version of Final Cut Pro X when it is released.

Promise also announced the again unreleased SANLink2. It's a Thunderbolt 2 adaptor to connect a Thunderbolt Mac, Windows machine or peripheral to a Fibre Channel SAN. read more...

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