Thunderbolt storage drives to strike later in 2013

Macworld by James Galbreith

Intel’s high speed Thunderbolt interconnect technology, found primarily on Apple’s side of the computing fence, enjoyed a big week at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas. As the push for higher-resolution video continues to grow, so do the file sizes, making the need for faster sustainable throughput ever greater.

Which is why Intel chose NAB—the annual get-together for video pros with high-end equipment demands—to announce that the next generation of Thunderbolt is coming. It will double throughput from today’s 10Gb per second to 20Gb per second.

A faster Thunderbolt is obviously big news for the peripheral-connection technology that made its debut two years ago. But it wasn’t the only Thunderbolt-centric news to come out of NAB 2013. Here’s a round-up of other product announcements coming out of Las Vegas—most of which centering around storage—that you may have missed.

G-Technology used the show to introduce the G-Drive Pro with Thunderbolt. This desktop hard drive has dual Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chaining devices. G-Technology claims speeds comparable to SSD, but with the high capacities of standard hard drives. Two configurations of the G-Drive Pro with Thunderbolt, a 2TB and 4TB version, will be available this Summer at $700 and $850, respectively. read more...

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