Thunderbolt videos from NAB

One of the biggest and brightest new technologies on the horizon for video editing and post production is the new Thunderbolt I/O technology developed by Intel and first released by Apple on the new MacBook Pros. Below are links to several videos posted about Thunderbolt teachnology and how our vendors are implementing it.

FreshDV: G-Tech Thunderbolt interviews from NAB

Seems like everyone is doing video coverage from NAB these days…hmm, wonder who started that trend five years ago. :-) Not to be left out, G-Tech put out some high quality content from the 2011 show, including a video segment on Thunderbolt I/O tech which I’ve embedded below. Enjoy!

Production Apprentice: Matrox announces Thunderbolt connectivity to its existing MXO2 product line

Wayne Andrews, Product Manager from Matrox, discusses some new products for 2011 including Thunderbolt connectivity. Matrox will be adding Thunderbolt to its MXO2 boxes for broadcast-quality video and audio output and capture with 10-bit realtime hardware up/down/cross conversion, HDMI video monitoring and H.264 encoding. They will also provide an adapter for its existing products, enabling users to upgrade rather than purchase a new unit. The suggested retail price for the adapter is around $300.

Production Apprentice: AJA Video’s latest product releases and upcoming Thunderbolt peripheral

Bryce Button, Product Marketing Manager of AJA gives us a sneak peek at two new devices that will be debuting soon. The first is a Thunderbolt device that is code-named “Phaser” and the second is a powerful new device code-named “Riker.” Thunderbolt is a new high speed I/O technology developed by Intel and available on Apple computers. Bryce gives us an inside look at these new products and some upgrades to the Kona 3, AJA’s newest converter and the long awaited FS2.

PVC: Adobe Premiere Pro On ThunderBolt by Dave Helmly

We’re all waiting for Thunderbolt peripherals, but Adobe’s booth had some to play with, and was able to demonstrate the speed at which Premiere Pro can really fly. This is cool. Watching the demo, really made me want to edit these videos this way. (updated with extensive Comments at the end from Dave Helmly of Adobe on 4k, multicam, and hardware - it’s a second article in itself)

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