Tiffen Dfx: “Tools of Image-ination!”

By Ryan Salazar

Does your career – or creative interests – lie in the still imaging, motion picture or broadcast markets? If they do, make sure you check out the latest release of Tiffen Dfx Digital Filter Suite – if you haven’t already.

One obvious reason, according to the Digital Photo Magazine in the Editors’ Choice write-up for the annual Noteworthy Gear and Technology round-up, focuses on the intuitive and easy-to-use interface. “Since it came out, Tiffen Dfx has been a hit for photographers looking to apply interesting filters and effects to an image. The software is ideal for still or motion shooters. With so many effects, you would expect the interface to be complicated, but it’s actually quite intuitive, and you can be up and running with it very quickly.”

Not enough for you to download the Tiffen Dfx? Ok, here are a few more features that we know your creative self simply cannot live without; read on to launch your creative juices and imagination into overdrive!

Using 125 individual filters, Dfx can simulate more than 2,000 popular and award-winning effects of the actual Tiffen glass filters, specialized lens and visual effects, optical lab processes, film grain, brilliant color correction plus natural light and photographic effects. Dfx also offers easy application and customization of the wide variety of filters in seven categories that include: Film Lab, HFX Diffusion, HFX Grads/Tints, Image, Lens, Light and Special Effects. read more...

Check out these items featured in this post and available now at Videoguys.com.
Tiffen Dfx Video/Film Plug-in for Premiere, After Effects, Avid & FinalCut $499.95 Tiffen Dfx Digital Filter Suite ESD Standalone Software $149.95 Tiffen Dfx Photo Plug-in ESD for Photoshop, Lighroom & Aperture $199.95

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