Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee Camera Support Review

Videomaker by Brian Teal

Easy to use, excellent video stabilization, and quite affordable, an easy upgrade to make your video something to remember.

Today's hands-free, wearable, mountable HD cameras produce near-professional video. However the use of these cameras still revolves around movement, and shooting professional quality videos just cannot happen without a little help in the stabilization department. Enter the Steadicam Smoothee from Tiffen, which we tested using a GoPro action camera.

Step Up to the Setup

At first sight, the Steadicam Smoothee seems quite easy to set up for initial use. Fully assembled in the box, the Smoothee looks solid due to its durable metal construction, solid plastic quick-release mount, and ergonomic hand-grip. The unique feature of this unit is the gimbal that attaches the handle to the unit itself. This joint is used to reduce the vibrations from activities such as walking, following action shots, or capturing wide pans; all while rivaling the professional camera stabilizers used in Hollywood movies.

Set up was as easy as it looked. Once the GoPro HERO mount was attached to the camera, it quickly clipped right into place. Large red dials, with clear and understandable labels, are used to balance the camera after mounting. Turning the dials will tilt the camera forward or back and left or right. Once the camera is balanced, you are ready to shoot! read more...

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