Tiffen's new DFX 4 standalone and plug-in package of digital filters

filter_demo_-_film_stock_Agfa_Optima (1)In this review Red Shark's Phil Rhodes takes a look at Tiffen's DFX 4 filters. These filters can plug-into popular NLE's such as FCPX, Adobe Premiere & Avid. They allow you to mimic their popular line of optical filters in post production, complete with keyframing to control where, when and how the filters are applied.
ReShark by Phil Rhodes Many companies produce software for filtering both still and moving images, but few have the pedigree of Tiffen. Founded in 1938, the company remains most famous for its optical filters. However, it's becoming equally traditional for organisations operating in fields such as this to dip a toe in the digital waters. The question is how Tiffen's DFX filtering software, which is to some extent a restatement of its optical range, complements the existing product range and how it builds on such a widely-respected history. The term "restatement" is carefully chosen, because while DFX does simulate some of Tiffen's most famous ranges, including Promist, Soft/FX, and others, it has many other capabilities. Some of the things that DFX does (the Water Droplets effect, for instance), as well as things like bleach bypass and three-strip Technicolor simulations, are not really achievable in optical filtration: read more...

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