Time to get ‘Serious’ - DV Rack provides engineering assistance for location shoots

Government Video By Chuck Gloman DV Rack With DV Rack, it’s like you have an engineering assistant in the field constantly monitoring your video and audio. Smaller DV productions just got a lot easier, thanks to Serious Magic’s DV Rack. Instead of wondering if your video and audio levels are where they should be, you now can accurately determine that everything is perfect — without having to rely on your camcorder’s LCD screen. Although the name sounds like a medieval torture device, DV Rack is a welcome addition to your equipment list, because it gives you a complete production studio at your fingertips. Its toolkit includes a real (and accurate) field monitor, waveform monitor, vectorscope, DVR, audio spectrum monitor, video analyzer, still image grabber, and more. All this is contained on a CD-ROM that makes your computer or laptop an engineer’s dream. I’ve done hundreds of productions where it has been just little old me, a camcorder, and a tripod. Now with DV Rack, I have an engineering assistant that constantly monitors the video and sound output for me — in the field. read more...

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