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On this months ask the Videoguys, Oliver gives you answers to some popular frequently asked questions concerning Microsoft Teams, SkypeTX, YoloLiv Technology YoloBox, The LiveU Solo and more.

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What are my recording options for YoloBox?  Can I record and Play Video off a storage device at the same time? 

The YoloLiv YoloBox is a powerful multi camera switcher with the ability to record to an SD card or USB hard drive, and stream simultaneously.  This also device also allows for video and graphics to be pulled off of an SD card or USB storage device. 

Unfortunately you can't pull video off your card or USB device and record simultaneously, however you can pull video off of a USB device and record onto an SD card simultaneously. 

Can I use YoloBox with the LiveU Solo?

Yes!  The LiveU Solo is a great way to achieve bullet proof internet connection for your stream.  The latest YoloBox update allows for clean HDMI output, meaning you can now pair YoloBox with the LiveU Solo for multi camera streaming.

Baris from SnozMedia joined us on the show to talk about a recent live streamed concert where he used a YoloBox and LiveU Solo to achieve the right look with correct coverage.  

Check out SnozMedia HERE. 

Are there any solutions that let me bring in a wireless smartphone feed for a multicamera production?

We have two solutions for this workflow, the first of which being the Wirecast Go App feeding into Wirecast Software or a Wirecast Gear.

Check out this workflow Diagram for this solution:

Another great solution is one of NewTek's NDI Tools.  With NDI|HX Camera, you can bring your iPhone into your workflow with your NDI capable system like the NewTek TriCaster, or WireCast Gear.

Check out the workflow for this solution HERE:

Download NDI Tools HERE.

I have NDI enabled on my Microsoft Teams Account, but it isn't showing up on my production switcher.  What steps am I missing?  How do I enable NDI on a Microsoft Teams Call?

Teams over NDI is a great solution to bring a remote guest into your production system as an NDI input.  However, there are very specific steps that must be taken.  

The steps include:

  1. Under your account settings, head to permissions and make sure NDI is enabled

  2. Start your call
  3. Click the three dots in the corner, and select "Start Broadcasting" to allow your production system to pick up the NDI transmission.

  4. Bring your source into your production system. 

We did a full demo of this process in our webinar to assist further!

If Microsoft merges Skype Into Teams, will my NewTek Talkshow still work?  Will Skype TX still be supported?

Microsoft has been moving towards greater support for Microsoft Teams, however it will continue to support Skype TX, which is found on the NewTek Talkshow 4000, the TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI, and the TriCaster TC1.  

It is also worth noting that with advancements in Teams over NDI and NDI upgrades coming to video conferencing systems down the line, live streamers have more flexibility than ever when it comes to options for bringing in remote guests. 

What are your top 3 tips for live streaming?

We cut to our preshow last week, where Gary Bettan ran down our top three tips for getting started in live streaming.

  1. Audio can make or break your video- find an audio solution that works for your talent, that will bring them in clearly. A video is only as good as your audio, and bad audio leads to poor viewer retention. 
  2. Rehearse Every Show- The best way to create a clean and professional live stream is to have your talent and producer work together on rehearsing your show, to make sure you are well prepared for your broadcast.
  3. Your 4th show will be your best- Every time you add more equipment to your live stream workflow, it will take several attempts to hit your stride.  The first two times may run smooth, only to find kinks and drawbacks on the third time.  Once you find these issues, the next show should improve on them.

Check out our webinar on YouTube HERE.


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