Tips for Cinematic Wedding Video Editors

Wedding-Highlight--865x505Another really solid article from PremiumBeat, one of my favorite blogs / resources on the web for video editing tips, tricks and information. In this article thay go over some really important tips for event videographers who produce cinematic wedding video highlight films. PremiumBeat by Michael Maher Editing wedding videos can easily become overwhelming. That’s why preparation and storytelling are key to a successful edit. When editing wedding projects, you’re typically working on two projects at once. A highlight reel that will go online, and a full-length film for the couple to enjoy. Full-length films are pretty standard fare. You showcase the day as it happened. It’s the highlight reel that has revolutionized the industry over the past 10 years. Being able to share your wedding video online for all of your friends and family to see has become the most requested item. In fact, there are couples who only want the highlight reel. Here are five ways to make your highlight reels stand out. 1. Plan Out Transitions Planning your transitions ahead of time will really help you out in the editing bay. When shooting B-roll, don’t be afraid to move the camera off of your subject. Consider panning or sliding out of one shot and into another. When you feel like you have an idea for two shots to go together, pan off of your subject. Move to your next shot, pan in the same direction and stop. Then you can apply a cross dissolve to create a seamless look. Here’s an example from one of my own wedding videos. I used a Kessler Stealth slider to achieve this look. I set up the slider on a tripod behind a makeup cabinet. I start at the left end of the slider and focus on the bridesmaid. Then I would slide to the right, which allowed the makeup cabinet to come into frame. Then I moved to the mother of the bride on the other side of the salon, and set up behind another cabinet. I set up the slider and placed the camera all the way on the right end, which was the stopping point. Set focus, then move the slider back to the starting point on the left end. Finally slide to the right again. Throw in a quick dissolve between the shots in post, and that’s it. read more...

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