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IDM Watson Media recently released an article all about how to get your videos view count up! The article breaks down seven different methods content creators use to increase viewership and expand an audience. These tips are meant for syndication efforts- assuming that the content being released is already widely available.

1. Embed your video in multiple places

For videos that are to be promoted heavily, one important feature many services offer is a shareable embed code. This allows users to share their content via their website, as well as single web pages, blog posts and other web sources.

Another technique is to broaden where the content can be viewed. So rather than just embedding it on this isolated page, broadcasters can also post it to another page as well. While the site’s home page is one such location, another could be at the front of a directory. For example, a site might archive town halls, and at the front of this archive the most current video or live stream could be shared.

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2. Tweet Your Videos

Social networking is a vital piece to any modern marketing campaign. Twitter is an ideal social network to utilize because it allows your video to be viewable directly from its network.

Once on the network, a successful Tweet can benefit from retweets to spread the word, having your followers share the content for others to see and, hopefully, retweet as well. As a result, popular videos can spur advocates willing to share that content with followers.

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3. Post your video to Facebook

Along with Twitter, Facebook is a great place for content owners to distribute their work. Facebook has a major potential audience, and includes many of the same social media pros as Twitter.

Note that right now Facebook only allows outside video to be shared on the network via Flash. Support for Adobe’s flash will end in 2020, so this will likely not be the case long term. That said, IBM Watson Media will utilize a Flash based version of the player so that audiences can still watch and engage with video on Facebook.

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4. Syndicate to YouTube

YouTube averages 30 million visitors today. Therefore, YouTube content is a serious way to build an audience.

5. Create Highlights for Long-Form Content

Live Streaming is a medium that allows for longer content creation, however this makes it difficult to attract new or casual viewers. However, promoting your content via the release of short snippet highlights, which can include relevant information for new viewers as well as a way to route users back to the original long form content.

This can be a highly energetic segment during a sports game, to just a very insightful comment during a presentation. These clips, which can be shared on social networks or syndicated to YouTube, should ideally direct viewers to watch the full content.

IBM Watson

6. Publish to a channel page

IBM Watson Media also offers channel pages to help creators distribute content. These pages are customizable and provide an audience another way to discover new content.

7. Add content to playlists

Views and content interaction can increase when content is added to playlists. Providing content as a collection is a great way for users to find it, and also creates new locations for content to be found.

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