To 4K or Not to 4K - A PVC Roundtable Discussion


ProVideo Coalition writers weigh in on 4K questions, concerns and logistics

John Bourbonais says it all in the title of his recent article, Why 4K is Wrong. In it, Bourbonais looks at the issues 4K presents around quality, post, delivery and future-proofing while laying out why 4K doesn't add anything to the process or the product. He doesn't delve to far into the details or even disarm the easy counter-arguments, but he certainly makes his case.

It's a topic that came up during the PVC Panel at the most recent ETE. Clint Milby and Von Thomas were focused on the logistics of 4K and how it impacts their workflow, while Terence Curren is someone who has never been shy about his opinion around why he does not like 4K. He backs up that position with several points that Bourbonais talks through in his article, but goes into far more detail in terms of why it doesn't make sense for the professional or the consumer. Fast forward to 6:50 in the video to hear specifically what the guys had to say at the event.

Bourbonais makes a lot of sense, but it's pretty clear that 4K is more than the flash in the pan that he claims. 4K was all over CES just like it will be at NAB, so not only has it arrived but it's readily available for both professionals and consumers. So really it comes down to the needs and desires of both consumers and professionals. Do professionals need to shoot, edit and deliver at 4K because of the perceived benefits? Do consumers want to watch something at 4K because they're really able (or think they're able) to tell the difference between 4K and HD? Or should moving to 4K (and eventually 8K) just be accepted as inevitable? read more...

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