Todd Rundgren 4K Concerts with Newtek IP Series

Here's a great story on IP production from NewTek. Read how these guys pulled off an historic concert shoot in 4K resolution using the NDI technology built into their production gear. NewTek's IP Series hardware, like the NCI I/O Studio Module, made it easier, especially in the end when producing multiple resolutions at the same time. Having an NDI IP infrastructure helped them saved time and money! From NewTek

newtek 4K IP series live video production....Fast forward to May 2017 when, just like old times, Andersen used the latest NewTek products to produce a 4K concert video of Todd Rundgren’s White Knight Tour that again pushed the creative boundaries of their video artistry. The concert took place on May 13, 2017, at the Ulster Performing Arts Center, in Kingston, NY, before a sold-out crowd.

Nevessa’s Unit Three production truck was equipped with NewTek’s 4K Video Mix Engine VMC1, 2-stripe Control Surface, and multiple NC1 I/O Studio Input Output Modules, all of which are part of the IP Series.

“4K video resolution beautifully captured the visually stunning show that Rundgren performed in front of two massive floor to ceiling onstage video walls,” said Andersen, senior producer and chief engineer of Nevessa Production Woodstock, a mobile video/audio and post production company, in Saugerties, NY.

“While 4K resolution on its own is a monumental industry breakthrough that poses distinct advantages at every stage of production, it’s even more extremely powerful when you combine it with the fast emerging video over IP infrastructure,” Andersen added. The IP Series supports NDI®, a NewTek innovation that uses gigabit Ethernet for cost-effective video over IP, compared to more costly fiber or conventional SDI....[continue reading]

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