Top 10 Advantages of Live Sports Production with 3Play Mini

3playminisnowboardNewTek introduced the 3Play Mini for Live Sports Production at NAB. Here are just 10 advantages of this great new system:
  1. Multi-camera HD Sports Production makes small games and events look big and more professional
  2. Size matters. Location doesn't. 3Play Mini can get to remote events that trucks and big equipment can't
  3. Get more social media followers and second-screen super fans by posting real-time highlights and action shots
  4. Record and save every game. Every play. Every angle. Use it again to create and produce brand new content
  5. Intant replay + slow motion + highlight reels + transitions and GFX = five star fan experience!
  6. Your all-access pass. 3Play Mini gets you closer to the action... wherever the action is in the gym, on the court or field, by the pool, and anywhere in between
  7. 5-minute set-up. Show up. Plug in. Add a monitor, HDMI cameras and tablet to control. GAME ON!
  8. Action moving? Carry 3Play Mini with you in your hand or in a backpack
  9. Extend coverage and expand your brand. Cover road games or remote events just like home broadcasts
  10. More than just replay. Create stadium size broadcasts for 5% of the cost. 3Play Mini is nearly 1/20th the price of popular high end replay solutions (source Silverwood Partners)
3Play Mini is available for order now at

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