Top 10 Final Cut Pro Tips and Tricks for Editors

Found this great article over at Fresh DV ProAppTipsThe following are my Top 10 Final Cut Pro Tips, with many thanks to the talented guru's over at ProAppTips. These tips have either made my life as an editor easier, enhanced the creative workflow process, or are just really cool. Here they are, in no particular order. *FCP BIG Keyframe Editor - Expand your Motion/Filters tab keyframing area to a much larger space for fine-tuning keyframes. *FCP EZ Add Video Without Audio - Use Control-I and Control-O to effortlessly drop video sans audio to your timeline. FCP fit to window shortcut - We all do it. Fire off a few quick keystrokes to zoom the timeline...before realizing that the browser or canvas is selected instead. Fortunately the fix is just as easy to do...simply use Shift-Z to toggle the canvas/viewer back to "Fit To Window" mode and correct your mistake sans profanity. *FCP Open Bins in a seperate browser tab - Option+Double-Click on bins to open them in a new Tab. *FCP Moving a clip just a little in Canvas - Single-pixel clip pan/crop/motion adjustments. *FCP Creating a Multiple Filter Favorite Folder - Create a bin in your Filter Favorites folder that contains multiple oft-used filters or a "look recipe". *FCP using Motion scanline transitions in projects - Create a scanline transition in Motion 2, and utilize that as a transition in FCP. Examples and project files included. *FCP Color Correcting Multi-clips already in timeline - Use Final Cut's powerful Find feature to locate clips in your timeline that originated from uniquely named clips. Drop/paste correction filters or attributes, and presto-chango you are done. *FCP Shane's Stock Answers - This compilation wouldn't be complete without Shane's extensive list of stock answers to common questions. Ranging from exporting a still from FCP to the differences between 24p and 24pA, there's something for everyone here. *FCP fast timecode entry tricks - Get around the timeline faster with these tips for timecode navigation. I hope that one or more of the tips on this list help you as an editor. They have all been helpful to me at one time or another. For tons more tips and workflow tricks, check out the ProAppTips site. And if you have something that other editors could use, consider contributing it.

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