Top 10 Misconceptions About NewTek NDI Technology

Apparently with new developments in technology comes rigorous scrutiny. NewTek is well aware of this and has been fielding criticism for it's NDI technology seemingly since it's introduction. However RedShark has gone ahead and listed the top ten misconceptions and also took the initiative and debunks each one. The list may seem like a stretch to actually prove NDI being incapable, but each claim is easily proven false as this article will show.
  1. It's Not Broadcast Quality

  2. It's Not Reliable Enough

  3. You Can't Use it on Existing Networks

  4. It's Proprietary

  5. Nobody's Going to Support It

  6. It's Laggy (There's too Much Latency)

  7. It's Difficult to Work With ("You Need too Much Network Expertise")

  8. It's Difficult to Encode and Decode

  9. NDI Doesn't Support Multicasting

  10. NDI Doesn't Support Standards

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