Top 10 reasons for brands to live stream

Live streaming is a great way for brands to connect with their audience. All though email marketing and social media has been proven to to build relationships, Epiphan says in a recent blog post that "80% of adults surveyed would rather watch a brand’s live video than read its blog or social media posts."

"According to live streaming statistics, the live video industry is booming, and the benefits of live streaming are clear. So if you want to stay ahead of your competition, live video events must be an essential part of your marketing strategy."

Epiphan highlights the top 10 benefits of live streaming. Check them out!

  1. Stay top of mind with your audience
    Live streaming helps keep you in touch with your audience. Streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn gives your followes a notification when you're live so you are getting the attention of your followers.

  2. Increase brand awareness
    Live streaming is a great way to reach a wider audience and make new connections. It even allows you to partner with influencers to expand your message.

  3. Build trust and brand loyalty
    Customers like to feel connected with the brand and offering live tutorials, sneek peaks and webinars is a great way to earn trust.

  4. Provide more authentic opportunities for engagement
    Real-time connection allows for Q&A's, live engagment and live feedback.

  5. Establish credibility and thought leadership in your field
    "Regular live broadcasts targeting decision-makers provide publicity and help you build authority in your field," says Epiphan. "When your company’s subject-matter experts share innovative ideas and solutions to problems impacting your industry, you’ll bring credibility to your brand, drive traffic to your website, and create meaningful relationships with your customers."

  6. Increase your event reach beyond in-person boundaries
    As we've seen during the Pandemic, streaming allows you to go beyond your geographical constraints and expand your reach. You are able to reach a whole new audience without spending the money you normally would on travel.

  7. Connect internally with remote and global teams
    Live streaming can enhance company cluture and is perfect for remote or hybrid settings. 

  8. Generate additional revenue
    "You could charge an entry fee for your live stream event or a subscription fee for ongoing membership, but even free events can provide profit opportunities," says Epiphan "For example, you can sell branded merchandise, offer digital downloads, and promote products and services during the live stream, or turn your event into paid, on-demand sessions in the future. For large events, sponsorship may also be an option."

  9. Increase conversion
    People who are tuning in to your live streams most likley know your product and services. If someone is attending your live stream they are most likley interested in what you're selling which means they are more likely to make a purchase. Many business live streaming platforms  integrate with your marketing tools, such as CRMs, to help you continue the conversation after you sign off.

  10. Repurpose content
    Repurposing your content is a great way to provide new content over a long period of time and also get your message to stick. Hearing information more than once helps sink in the information. 

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