Top 10 Reasons to make the switch to Adobe CS5 Production Premium

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With Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 software, you can craft stories more efficiently, save time by integrating with Adobe After Effects® and Adobe Photoshop,® edit virtually anything thanks to broad native tapeless and DSLR camera support, and enjoy industry-leading 64-bit performance. Stepping up to the enhanced videoediting power of Adobe CS5 is now easier than ever.

Top 10 Reasons to make the switch to Adobe CS5 Production Premium

1. Boost efficiency with unparalleled Adobe integration disc and web video creation with Adobe Encore®
Create interactive Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and SWF files from Adobe Encore software from a single project file. Avoid intermediate rendering by dynamically linking sequences to Encore—a process that’s three times faster than in previous versions.

Smoother project workflows with After Effects
Easily hop between your edited sequence and After Effects as you design motion graphics and fine-tune visual effects. Import Final Cut Pro or Avid projects into Adobe Premiere Pro, and send elements of your project, or the entire sequence to After Effects where you can create opening titles, animated graphics, and world-class special effects. Better yet, when Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects are used as part of Adobe Creative Suite® 5 Production Premium or Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection software, use Adobe Dynamic Link to see After Effects compositions directly in the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline—in context with the rest of your edits—without rendering.

Intelligent native support for Photoshop files
Maximize efficiency when incorporating still images into video production. Import and animate Adobe Photoshop layers in Adobe Premiere Pro. Instantly edit Adobe Premiere Pro stills in Photoshop, and then automatically match the frame size and aspect ratio of an Adobe Premiere Pro project (even in HD) when creating new files. Get better image fidelity thanks to support for Adobe Photoshop blend modes, and take full advantage of support for Photoshop video files.

2. Work more efficiently with tapeless and DSLR footage time-consuming transcoding and rewrapping processes when working with tapeless and DSLR footage. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 leads the industry with native support for virtually any video, image, or audio format, including DV, HDV, RED, DPX, P2, DVCPRO HD, AVCHD, AVC-Intra, and XDCAM. Edit native DSLR footage from the Canon 5D Mark II, 1D and 7D cameras, Nikon D90, D300s and D3000 cameras, and more.

When you work with tapeless media in Adobe Premiere Pro, you gain three key advantages. First, you save time because you’re able to start working with footage immediately—sometimes directly from the camera—thus eliminating the time-consuming transcoding and rewrapping process required when you use the same media in Final Cut Pro. Second, you maintain the pristine image quality of your source footage throughout the production process. Finally, because Adobe Premiere Pro does not convert the file to a proprietary format, metadata acquired from the camera is retained throughout the production process.

3. Get industry-leading performance and stability from the new Adobe Mercury Playback Engine
Completely redesigned for blazingly fast performance, the Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is native 64-bit, optimized for multicore, and GPU-accelerated to provide an amazingly fluid, real-time editing experience. Be creative without worrying about the ramifications of additional effects and high-resolution content.

Multilayer performance
Combine P2, XDCAM, RED, DSLR, DV, and other footage on the timeline; play with the look and flow at full-frame rate; and view in real time on an external HD monitor. With configurations capable of supporting more than nine simultaneous layers and dozens of effects, the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine makes every production more creative and efficient.

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Top 10 Reasons to make the switch to Adobe CS5 Production Premium

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