Top 10 Reasons to Trade-Up to the TriCaster TC1

Attention TriCaster owners: here are the top 10 reasons for you to Trade-Up to the TriCaster TC1 4K IP Live Video Production System

1) $5,000 trade in credit for your existing TriCaster!

Your old dependable TriCaster has given you many hours of live streaming and production. Can you believe that Newtek is giving you $5,000 for it! This brings the cost down to $14,995 for the TC1 with control surface, an incredible value and amazing deal! It doesn't matter how old your TriCaster is, how long you've had it or how much you paid for it! Any of these older TriCasters qualify :
  • Old TriCasters: TC455, TC450/450 Extreme, TC410 , TCMini SDI, TC Mini HDMI
  • Really Old TriCasters: TC300, TC40, TC Broadcast, TCStudio, TC Pro, TC100 , TC Duo

2) No hardware to return.

All you have to do is complete this form. We will register your trade in serial number with Newtek and they will note that you traded-up! Please note: Your old NewTek TriCaster serial number provided for this trade-in will be retired and will no longer be eligible for NewTek support, future trade-ins or any other offers.

3) TC1 is a completely re-designed hardware

NewTek spent years designing the TC1 as the next generation platform affordable TriCaster. It is loaded with features and performance. In fact it rivals the performance of a top of the line TriCaster 8000 at a fraction of the cost, with support for more inputs, more bus mix-effects, more resolutions, higher frame rates, and well more of everything!

4) TC1 has Native IP Processing and is optimized for NDI workflows

NDI stands for Newtek Device Interface and it is the IP technology that is revolutionizing live video production. With NDI you can integrate cameras, peripherals, other devices and computers running NDI software into your TriCaster workflow. The TC1 is designed from the ground up and optimized for NDI workflows. It will accept up to 16 NDI inputs! NDI isn't just a replacement for SDI and HDMI cables. NDI is a two way communication that allows the TC1 to communicate and control NDI devices. It allows all NDI aware hardware and software to communicate with any other NDI devices on your network. Using inexpensive, readily available, simple GigE networks,. As an example when you plug-in an NDI PTZ camera to your network not only will the TC1 be able to get the video from the camera, it will be able to control the PTZ camera all through one simple network jack. Any computer on your network can become an NDI source for the TC1, easily letting you bring in PowerPoint, screen demonstrations, websites, videos you name it.

5) TC1 supports SD, HD and up to 4K60p resolutions

To say TC1 supports these resolutions is an understatement. TC1 lets you mix and match all of them, giving you up to 16 different video sources in any flavor, format and frame rates. Did I say 16 sources - you betcha. And with NDI that can be up to 16 4K60p video streams. Let me say this again - up to SIXTEEN 4K 60p video streams. While other switchers are struggling to handle just a couple of 4K sources at 30 fps, the TC1 can eat up and spit out up to 16 4K sources at 60 fps!! Nothing else in the industry can come close to this, making your TC1 virtually futureproof!

6) TC1 has Integrated Skype TX channels for bringing in remote guests

A couple of years ago NewTek partnered with Microsoft and released TalkShow, a four thousand dollar box that allows you to bring in super high quality Skype video into your productions. Talkshows are being used by broadcasters all over the world to bring in crystal clear, full frame rate Skype video with perfect audio sync. Now with the TC1 includes SkypeTX software integration meaning you get it as a free feature! WOW!

7) TC1 has integrated instant replay

NewTek 3Play is one of the world's most affordable instant replay solutions. Perfect for doing live sports productions. With TC1 you get basic 3Play functionality built right in! In fact with the TC1's integrated dual video servers you can do far more than just instant replays. You can use them for on demand playback, automated playback including auto-advancing playlists, and even use the TC1's real-time editing tools for basic editing of footage on the fly.

8) TC1 has dual channel live streaming encoders

Let's face it, no one streams to just a single CDN anymore. We've got Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Twitch and hundreds of other CDNs, some free and some paid for, to choose from. With TC1 not only can you stream to your choice of any two, but you can select different resolutions, frame sizes and frame rates. This allows you to optimize one stream for say mobile devices, while the other is maxed out for the highest possible video quality on computer monitors. The choice is yours.

9) TC1 is easily expandable

We love the fact that you can customize your TC1 to meet your specific workflows and needs. You can buy it all at once or add additional modules as your productions grow.
  • The base TC1 is a 2Ru unit, but you also have the option of a 3RU unit with redundant power supply.
  • This trade up bundle includes the TC1SP smaller control panel with 1.5 panel strips, 14 source buttons and 11 M/E buttons, T-Bar and joystick. The TC1LP is a larger surface giving you even more controls - 2 panel strips, 24 source buttons, 24 M/E buttons and a second Tbar.
  • You can also run your TC1 from a tablet or smart phone using their LivePanel app. LivePanel is a browser based IP control software that can be fully custom configured for your production.
  • The Studio I.O module gives you 8 SDI jacks that can be configured as any combination of inputs or outputs. You can gang 4 together for 4K quad I/O. Studio I/O communicates with the TC1 via NDI and you can use multiple Studio I/O modules
  • If you need to bring in more remote guests you can add the TalkShow VS4000 for 4 additional remote SkypeTX inputs.
  • NewTek Connect Sparks allow you to turn any HD camera into an NDI source into your TC1. Sparks can be wired into your network or use WiFi.
  • NewTek NDI PTZ1 camera is a 20x PTZ camera that is fully NDI optimized. Just plug it into your network and you are off to the races. It really is that simple and easy to add to your TC1. You get video, audio, PTZ control, tally and even power from one single GigE connection.
  • NDI Connect Pro software turns any computer on the local network into an NDI source for your production. It supports all the leading capture devices from AJA, Blackmagic, Bluefish444, Magewell and others. You get media playback for all the common media file types. NDI Connect Webserve lets you remotely view any and all NDI sources on your network.

10) DID I MENTION $5,000!!

If you still have an old TriCaster, you will never be offered this kind of trade in allowance again! In fact many older TriCasters will no longer be eligible for any trade-in programs after this one expires. Your old TriCaster doesn't have to be working, it doesn't matter when you bought it, how much you paid for it or how old it is. It is worth $5,000!! You don't even have to return it to us or Newtek, just register the serial number and it will be retired. You can trade in for the TC1 with control surface for $14,995 saving you $5,000 or you can trade it in for just the TC1 for $12,495 saving you $2,500. I think it's a no brainer to go for the $14,995 bundles, but if your budget is tight, or you simply don't like using a control panel, $2,500 is still a nice trade in allowance towards this remarkable new TriCaster TC1.

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Get $2,500 OFF single unit! Get $5,000 OFF this Bundle!
TriCaster TC1 2RU unit ala carte Trade-up for current TriCaster Owners Trade-in your TriCaster 450 or older and get $2,500 off a new TriCaster TC1 NewTek TriCaster TC1 Base Bundle with Small Control Panel Trade-up for current TriCaster Owners Trade-in your TriCaster 450 or older and get $5,000 off the TriCaster TC1 Base Bundle with Small Control Panel.
$14,995.00 $12,495.00 $19,995.00 $14,995.00
Best of all, there is no hardware to return. We will register your trade in serial number with Newtek and they will note that you traded-up!
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