Top 10 Reasons to use Adobe CS5 Production Premium for Editing DSLR Footage

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Jump into the creative—and enjoyable—parts of video editing faster with Adobe CS5 Production Premium, available for both Mac and Windows. With native support for DSLR cameras in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, edit video immediately with no conversion or long render times.

The powerful performance of the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine allows you to mix footage and frame rates on multiple tracks and still have real-time performance without waiting hours for each memory card to import. Plus, a flexible workflow makes editing a stellar experience. Adobe CS5 Production Premium empowers you with speed and reliability that lets your creative storytelling emerge.

Top 10 Reasons to use Adobe CS5 Production Premium for Editing DSLR Footage

1. Native support for DSLR cameras

Edit video from the latest DSLR cameras, such as Canon 5D Mark II, 1D Mark IV and 7D; Nikon D90, D300s, D3000; and others. Instead of inflating files to a proprietary codec, Adobe Premiere Pro reads and edits the original camera files natively. Native support in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 means you never waste valuable time transcoding or rewrapping files. While other products can take hours until footage is ready to edit, Adobe Premiere Pro only needs seconds. No transcoding also means less disk space. There's no need to convert when importing, manage separate proxy files or track multiple copies of your media. Plus, when you need a closer look at your footage, drop clips right off the camera's memory card into the timeline. This is a big boost for speed and quality as you can check how your footage will cut together in the field. You can even check video quality with the built-in waveform monitor and vectorscope inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Mix DSLR footage with other formats in an open timeline

Adobe Premiere Pro can play back many DSLR formats in real-time and also offers native support for other top formats. Edit the latest tapeless formats, including RED, AVCCAM, XDCAM HD 50, DPX, P2, and XDCAM also without transcoding or rewrapping. Freely mix clips with different frame rates, aspect ratios, and frame sizes in the same sequence with real-time preview quality on most systems.

3. Industry-leading, cross-platform performance

Accelerate post-production with native 64-bit performance in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects CS5, and Photoshop CS5 Extended, all included in Production Premium. The native 64-bit, multi-core, GPUaccelerated Mercury Playback Engine provides unprecedented performance and rock-solid stability in Adobe Premiere Pro. Open projects rapidly and create multi-layer, effects-rich sequences without rendering. Users see significant performance increases on all hardware but extraordinary performance boosts with a qualified NVIDIA graphics card.* In After Effects and Photoshop Extended, make the best use of all available RAM on your system, making it easier to edit complex sequences at HD or higher resolutions.

Adobe CS5 Production Premium with Videoguys Bonus Pack including two Class on Demand training DVDs & Red Giant Magic Bullet Quicklooks software pictured in Tech room with Canon 7D DSLR camera footage edited on Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q896 laptop with the Matrox MXO2 Mini with MAX.

4. Efficient tools for creative editing

Adobe Premiere Pro offers an extensive effects collection letting you create high-quality visual and editorial effects directly within the timeline. Edit faster with powerful tools that give you precise control and real-time feedback. Color correct, apply audio filters, and use advanced options like real-time blending modes, advanced keyframes and bezier curves to stylize your footage. Plus, tight integration with After Effects means you have a motion graphics and visual effects powerhouse at your fingertips.

5. Efficient editing with metadata, from script to capture and delivery

Use metadata added to clips in CS5 Production Premium during pre-production, on set, and in the edit suite. Use Speech Search to turn spoken dialogue into a timecode-accurate metadata transcript that lets you quickly jump to or edit a specific segment of footage based on dialogue keywords. Use Face Detection technology to quickly locate clips containing human faces, giving you another way to find areas where dialogue is typically spoken. When you archive clips or publish to the web, video is searchable and your intellectual property is identified.

6. Industry-leading graphics and effects with tight integration

Bring the creative benefits and explore new possibilities with After Effects and Photoshop Extended. Create stunning titles with Photoshop Extended or After Effects and animate them with fully customizable presets. You can even create rich 3D text using the new Adobe Repoussé command in Photoshop CS5 Extended.

In Photoshop Extended, correct lens distortion in your footage to compensate for inherent flaws in all lenses such as chromatic aberration and vignetting. A flexible cloning and paint engine lets you remove unwanted objects or repair damage. In After Effects, isolate foreground elements from backgrounds in a fraction of the time using Roto Brush. For advanced color correction and grading, use After Effects and Photoshop Extended for nondestructive color grading to create the look you want in seconds.

Leveraging the tight integration between Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, as well as Adobe Premiere Pro and Encore CS5, use Adobe® Dynamic Link to work faster and stay in the creative flow by eliminating intermediate rendering when you make changes to assets. Using the Edit Original command in Adobe Premiere Pro and Encore allows you to quickly update graphic files quickly in Photoshop Extended.

7. Open workflows with Final Cut Pro, Avid editing software, and Digidesign Pro Tools

Adobe Premiere Pro offers robust media management capabilities to trim projects, remove unused clips, and collect assets. With an open approach and broad file format support in Adobe Premiere Pro, collaborate more efficiently with colleagues by easily importing and exporting projects regardless of format. Perform roundtrip editing with content from Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro, or Digidesign Pro Tools software.

8. Professional audio tools

Video professionals often say that audio is half the picture. To complete your edit you'll find useful audio effects and controls built-in to Adobe Premiere Pro as well as support for VST plug-ins. For advanced audio, users can look to Soundbooth CS5 to create music and sweeten sound. If you're using a sync-sound workflow, then lining up your audio and video tracks is easy. Adobe Premiere Pro's timeline offers precise visual waveforms and easy to use markers. Syncing is also a snap using the PluralEyes plug-in, available for both Mac and Windows, to line up multiple audio and video tracks automatically.

9. Deliver your video practically anywhere

Create with confidence as you produce video optimized for distribution to practically any medium. Save time by using Adobe Media Encoder to deliver your video project in the right format to sites like Vimeo and YouTube, and output industry-standard formats like Flash, MPEG, and H.264. As a 64-bit application with multi-processor optimization, Adobe Media Encoder can quickly output all of the major video and web formats in a single batch encoding operation. With Adobe Encore, create DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and a more engaging experience with web DVDs. Create professional quality menus inside Encore, or leverage the advanced features of After Effects or Photoshop for more complex or animated motion menus.

10. Speed up client review and approval

Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop Extended integrate with the new CS Live online service, CS Review. With CS Review, clients and teammates are now in the loop to easily review and comment on works in progress. Once uploaded, others can view your project and leave comments. In fact those comments appear as precise markers right inside your Adobe Premiere sequence or Photoshop file.

For more information about the benefits of switching to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, see the following documents.

DSLR Editing At A Glance for Video Professionals (PDF)

Videoguys System Recommendations for
Adobe CS5 Production Premium

The new CS5 version of Adobe Premeire Pro requires a 64-bit operating system, a multi-core processor, plenty of RAM and a fast GPU. We realize that you may need to upgrade your machine. Here is the base system specs that Videoguys recommend that will give you excellent performance and optimized Mercury playback.

  • Snow Leopard 10.6.3
  • Intel based Quad Core Processor or faster
  • At least 6 GB RAM but 12 GB is even better!
  • GTX285; Quadro FX 4800
  • 7 64-bit
  • Intel Quad-Core Processor or faster
  • At least 6 GB RAM but 12 GB is even better!
  • GTX285, GTX 470; Quadro FX 3800 or faster *

* Although Adobe CS5 officially only supports a handful of GPU for the mercury playback engine, we have provided links on our blog to articles that show you how to enable MANY other nVidia cards for Mercury.

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