Top 10 Things we Love About RED

Red Digital Cinema’s entry into the cinema camera world is regarded by many in the industry as a revolution in professional film and video. In 2007 when Red was introduced major names like Panasonic and Sony dominated the market, and while they still certainly have their place, Red has also carved out a place for their excellent cameras.

It's worth noting that does not carry any Red Digital Cinema Products.  However, they are a staple in the industry and they are well worth keeping up with to stay informed.  Red Digital Cinema cameras also work great with a host of products found here at to create a fantastic workflow. recently posted an article on the top ten reasons to love Red, and some of their best features, which included an excellent video from YouTuber, Nick Sales.  Nick's video goes into some great details on why his Red Camera is one of the most valuable things in his toolbox. 

Check out the video, below:

The article also goes on to list ten great reasons to shoot on Red.  Those reasons are as follows:

The Resolution: 

Red is a high resolution company, beating the resolution of even most computers with crisp 8K capabilities.  The step up in quality gives users an advantage in low light, reframing in post, and greater image detail.  

Filming in RAW:

Red cameras also have the ability to capture in RAW file formats.  This allows users to adjust image details like white balance and exposure.  This means images can be drastically changed in post, and nothing is set in stone.  

Variable Frame Rates:

Plenty of cameras have the ability to shoot at high speed, but Red Digital Cinema cameras are truly flexible with fully adjustable frame rates.

Slow Motion Capabilities:

Another trade mark of Red cameras is the ability to shoot in higher frame rates for truly smooth, detailed slow motion video.  The quality of slow motion footage from any Red Camera is fantastic. 

Selectable Aspect Ratio:

A Red camera means not committing to 16:9 or 4:3.  Red allows users to select the aspect ratio of their choice, and get started filming.  This is perfect for web destinations with varied size ratios. 

Red Color Science:

Red cameras offer fantastic color and excellent color control.  There is a ton of information stored in the color codec.  Reds look is iconic, and second to none. 

Dynamic Range:

Red is known for their outstanding dynamic range.  Red cameras typically feature 16.5 stops of dynamic range.  

Compression Ratios:

One of the best features for editors is that Red Cinematographers can film in Raw and still have file sizes that wont eat up the entire storage on your hard drive.  

Modular Design:

Red cameras are also very well known for their design.  Check out what 4KShooters makes of Red's design:

"When you buy a Red camera, you buy the ‘brain’ of the camera and add the modules and accessories to build out the rig that best suits your needs. The expansion modules in the DSMC2 line let you add features to your camera as you need them rather than selling you an all-in-one that isn’t upgradeable."

In Camera Proxys:

8K workflows can take a long time to back end.  Just ingesting the footage can take days depending on your system.  Users should take advantage of the ability to create Proxy's. 

"I always recommend that people create proxies for editing regardless of what you’re shooting. It speeds up the editing time dramatically and makes it possible to work with editors remotely. What is fantastic about Red is that proxies can be created in-camera meaning you can get right to editing while the full resolution media is backed up and processed on another machine."

Check out the full article, HERE.


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