Top 3 Reasons to Stream Live to Facebook and YouTube

While your reasons for live streaming may vary, most likely you'd like the process to be streamlined and as simple as possible. Epiphan has some great products to help you make your social media streaming efforts easy, reliable, and professional. We've got lots of resources on our blog and, of course, we've got Epiphan products. Here's a great Epiphan article on reasons to stream live to Facebook and YouTube:
From Epiphan's blog

How live streams (even just one or two a month!) can help your bottom line.

No matter what business you’re in, making even just part of your video content live will give you a boost to your brand. Whether you’re a social media entrepreneur, earning your living with video and photo shares on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or a more traditional business that typically uses ad agencies for professional TV spots, this article will show you there’s something to gain from going live.

I’m guessing that your business falls into one of these three categories:

Business streaming categories: Content creators, Brands and celebrities and Broadcasters

If you’re not convinced, let me explain what I mean by those groupings.

By Content creators, I mean groups or individuals whose videos are one of their primary products. They have a social media presence on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo, etc, and they typically monetize their videos on the platforms that support it and use the other platforms to help direct people to the monetized content. Photos and videos may not be the content creator’s only product, but they are a significant source of income.

I use the term Brands and celebrities to define a very diverse group of businesses. For example, a household brand like a dish detergent and a celebrity like a pop star both fit in this category. The defining characteristic is that this group derives most of their value from products they offer for sale, or from their persona and appearances. For these users, videos are often used as an advertisement or to create brand identity for a product. For example, at Epiphan we are a brand, and we fall into this category.

Broadcasters is the most obvious of the three groups. These are video producers who already make media that is broadcast on other channels, such as over the air (OTA), to their CDNs, or to their own websites. Television stations and news agencies fall into this category.

While the specific incentives may be different within each of these groups of users, everyone can benefit from live video to YouTube and/or Facebook.

Okay, with those definitions out of the way, let’s dig into the real reason you’re reading this post: why go live?...[continue reading]

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