Here are the Top 5 Features Avid Media Composer Editors Want

avid-media-composer-softwareIf you happen to be an editor using Avid Media Composer and wish your input could be heard, now it can be. Avid has created the Avid Customer Association (ACA) to do just that. Now Avid Media Composer editors can vote on what they like and dislike and Avid is listening. Studio Daily's contributing writer Bryant Frazer put the top five critical needs of Avid Media Composer in this breakdown. See if the list has any of your concerns as well. If not, register to be a part of the ACA's next vote.

Voting took place in two rounds, spanning a period from December 8, 2016, to March 10, 2017, and Avid said the final results represented 6,500 unique voters representing 4,000 organizations in 109 different countries. The results were first announced on stage at Avid Connect 2017 on April 23, but Avid published the complete results on Friday. June 23.

More than half say OTT and Internet delivery will be the most prevalent channel for 4K and UHD content, with theatrical/venue viewing coming in a distant second and cable and broadcast trailing.

The full results of the vote have been published by Avid at the ACA website, which is accessible to all members of the ACA. Membership is free, and you have to join to read the full report.

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