Top 5 live video streaming blunders to avoid

Epiphan posted a great article on the top 5 live video streaming production blunders and how to better prepare for your live production. Avoid these five live video streaming production blunders for better video streaming results. Anybody who’s done live video streaming knows that once you click that “go live” button that’s it – you’re live! People are watching and may even start commenting. Although everybody likes watching gag reels of bloopers, here are five live video streaming production blunders that are best to avoid. live prodcution 1. Not enough pre-production planning (aka the wreck!) Having a plan is the backbone that supports your onscreen talent and helps you reach your ultimate goal. Sure, there’s an element of “anything can happen” when you’re live. That’s part of the appeal. But without some idea of the marks to hit, your stars will likely lose some luster and get lost in the Milky Way. Live streaming production needs some degree of planning upfront. If not, you could end up at a location without power, be missing equipment, or worse. So these are some items to consider ahead of time:
  • What’s the theme, goal or purpose?
  • What’s the location and time? Is it indoors or outdoors, night or day, a quiet studio setting or a bustling café? And do you need permission to film there?
  • Make an equipment list to account for things like cameras, tripods, lighting (especially if you’re not outdoors), microphones, cables, AC power, extra batteries, tape and scissors, whatever you need.
  • Onscreen talent and signed release forms if you’re not the only one in front of the camera.
  • A friendly crew. (Ok, any person willing to help is better than no crew, but it’s way better if they’re friendly.)
  • Other items including things like scripts, props, backgrounds, seating, etc.
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