Top 5 Qualities to Look for in Video Switchers

When looking into what's needed for a live production the equipment can be a lot to deal with. For each aspect of live productions, each product needed should be scrutinized to some degree. Whether it's the cameras or the encoders there should be questions and concerns leading into each purchase. Video switchers being as important as any other piece of equipment should be looked into extensively. This article reveals five aspects consumers should think about when looking into video switchers. Each production has different requirements influencing this decision, but this article shows how the Epiphan Pearl-2 would be a great video switcher due to these aspects.

A premium live video switcher enables the creation of a quality live production, and a quality live production attracts viewers in turn. Increased viewership empowers the growth of your brand and ultimately helps drive business. And who doesn’t want that?

In our experience, there are five essential factors that embody a powerful video switcher.



Ease of Use



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