Top 5 questions about Vizrt’s acquisition of NewTek

Vizrt has recently acquired NewTek, leaving many wondering: 'what does this mean for the broadcast industry? published an article yesterday, reviewing the biggest questions in light of this acquisition.

Is Vizrt now positioned to expand in the hardware market?

With NewTek’s hardware products like the TriCaster TC1 and the NDI PTZ Camera, does this acquisition further position Vizrt to be a one-stop-shop for broadcasters?


The acquisition helps fill in the blanks for Vizrt, especially when it comes to entering streaming. The company also launched a new sports division last week, making a perfect spot for NewTek- who have been focusing heavily on eSports.

How does this effect Vizrt's position in new broadcast markets?

How does this acquisition change the down market landscape and what does it mean for the future of smaller operations?


NewTek is a popular solution for many small production houses, and houses of worship. With NewTek's lower price point and NDI technology, Vizrt has gained access to a significant new market.

Where does this leave Lightwave 3D?

Lightwave 3D has a large user base, being used in professional productions like "Star Trek: Voyager", "Battlestar Galactica" and "Titanic". However, many Vizrt users rely on Maxon Cinema 4D as an alternative to Lightwave 3D. There has been no word from either company about the future of Lightwave 3D software.

What’s cut?

From the ownership of stations to the tools used to create broadcasts, mergers are rampant.
This also means efficiencies are realized, so what is cut and what is deemed to no longer be a priority?


As the merger is a relatively new development, it's likely we won't know Vizrt's priorities for some time.

Where does this leave the NewTek NDI protocol?

Long term, how does Vizrt further adapt and bring NDI into its world and what does this move do to the partner base?


NDI holds the potential to be a driving force to further a connected VizRT ecosystem.

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