Top 5 Reasons Hybrid Virtual Events Are The Future

Epiphan's recent article "Five reasons virtual events are here to stay" has lined up with what President, Garry Bettan has been emphasizing since the pandemic started. Social distancing requires live streaming. We believe that live streaming opens up so many doors for venues, schools, houses of worship, and more. With the growth we've seen ourselves we truly believe live streaming will be here to stay long after the pandemic.

With the world slowly transitioning back to somewhat normal, having a hybrid virtual event still allows people experience events in person, in a safe, controlled environment, but also allows people to participate online. This comes with many perks. Epiphan highlights the top 5 reasons they think hybrid virtual events are the future. 

Here are the top 5 reason Epiphan highlights in their article

  1. Cut Costs
    With fewer people attending events in person, this gives venues the opportunity to save money in many different areas that normally they would have to spend money on.

  2. Boost attendance and increase inclusivity
    Having virtual events gives you the opportunity to to expand to a larger audience. Live events allows you to reach an audience that you might not have been able to attain in person. Having a social media stream also gives the opportunity in sharing your page across platforms and gain a social media following. 

  3. Increase influence by inviting speakers from around the world
    Virtual events also opens up a doorway to have remote guests. With SRT bringing in remote guests is possible and leads to great content.

  4. Build a new revenue stream
    Venues and event organizers can offer virtual attendance packages that vary in price. 

  5. Collect better data
    Analytics are a huge part in recognizing your companies growth. Having virtual events allows venues to gather detailed information that they would not be able to obtain in person. 


Live streaming is here to stay. Hybrid events is a great transition to back into into trying to get back to normal. We believe this model will be here long after the pandemic. As Gary Bettan says "In 2020 we made Live Streaming work –
      In 2021 we make it look better, work better and easier to produce!”


Check our Epiphan's article here

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