Top 5 reasons to Purchase a Matrox MXO2 Smart I/O Device

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The Matrox MXO2 Family of SMART I/O devices deliver outstanding I/O performance and with the MAX technology, superior quality and dramatically faster H.264 encoding!

Top 5 reasons to Purchase a Matrox MXO2 Smart I/O Device from

  1. Flexibility. Only the MXO2 family of I/O devices works on both PCs and Macs. You get your choice of connection - PCIe card for desktops, Express card for laptops or Thunderbolt adapter for iMacs, Mac Mini and Mac Book Pros. You can purchase multiple adapters and move your MXO2 between multiple machines. If you have a desktop today, and get an iMac down the road, you’ll just need to purchase a Thunderbolt adapter and your trusted MXO2 moves with you.

  2. MAX - faster than real-time H.264 encoding. Matrox MAX turbocharges your H.264 encoding for deliveries to the web, mobile devices, and Blu-ray Disc - and the video quality is as good or better!
    • On a fully loaded MacPro, encoding your finished 30 minute timeline to H.264 can take hours. Matrox MAX encoding is almost 5X faster than Compressor.
    • On a PC, Matrox MAX is up to 4x faster than software only encoders (i7 Quad core). It's like turning your single CPU i7 into a dual Xeon encoding beast!
    • Matrox H.264 Max capture for PC allows you to capture directly into H.264 for archiving, dubbing old VHS/DVDs, dailies or encoding straight for the web in real-time. There has never been an easier way to access your old SD video and view them in full HD quality. Time is money, and Matrox MAX saves you a lot of time, without sacrificing any quality at all!

  3. Matrox MXO2 devices work with a wide range of NLEs! The MXO2 products support Avid Media Composer 6 & Avid Symphony 6 (note: MXO2 Mini supports Media Composer 5/5.5 for HD preview only), Adobe Premiere & Production Premium (CS4 or later) , Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and preview monitoring with Apple FCPX.

  4. Capture and Revitalize your older analog footage.
    • We know that even after you move to a completely tapeless HD workflow, you’ll still have the need at times to capture older legacy footage. You can use the analog input on any MXO2 device to capture your older tape based SD or HD footage. The MXO2 gives you a choice of H.264 or Matrox MPEG-2 HD intermediary CODEC. In addition if you have ProRes, DNxHD or Quicktime Pro already on your system, you can capture into those CODECs with MXO2.
    • Matrox MAX is the easiest way to get your old VHS footage to Blu-ray Disc. Just feed that analog signal into the MXO2 Mini MAX(or MXO2 LE MAX or Mojito MAX) and with the FREE Matrox MAX H264 utility capture directly to a Blu-ray ready file. This workflow also allows your footage to be encoded to H.264 so it can be viewed on an iPad, iPhone or even the web. The Matrox 10-bit hardware scaler ensures the best SD to HD upscale and the dedicated H.264 chip on the MXO2 MINI MAX records to the highest quality.

  5. Your choice of I/O, for every budget.
    Matrox MXO2 comes in a variety of configurations, which means you only have to pay for the I/O and features you need.
    • If you are not using SDI equipment our “go to” recommendation is the Matrox MXO2 Mini MAX which is currently on sale starting at $599 (reg. $849). If you’re on a budget and just need basic HD I/O, the MXO2 Mini (without MAX) starts at just $449.
    • If you need SDI I/O, the internal Mojito MAX PCIe card and the Matrox MXO2 LE/ MXO2 LE MAX have it starting at $999.
    • If you need professional audio and broadcast I/O the MXO2 and MXO2 Rack MAX have what you need.

Follow this link to our full Videoguys FAQ: Matrox MXO2 Familiy of Products

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