Top 5 Reasons to Start Streaming with LiveU Solo

On today's Videoguys Live, Gary talks about the top 5 reasons why you should start livestreaming with LiveU Solo. The LiveU Solo offers the best-in-class ‘plug and play’ live streaming bonding solution, bringing LiveU’s broadcasting expertise to the online media market. Fully Bonded Portable Wireless Streaming Encoder for easy, HD live video streaming from anywhere directly to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch & more! The LiveU Solo portable live video encoder offers one-touch, wireless live streaming, directly from your camera source to any online destination. 

Watch the full webinar below:

00:00 Opening
01:15 Introducing Glen
01:50 Top 5 Reasons
02:31 LiveU Solo Encoder
03:05 Start Streaming Within Seconds
04:18 Rock Solid Reliable Video
06:35 Stream Live From Anywhere
07:11 LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT)
09:12 LiveU Solo Data Connections Options
10:30 LiveU Solo with SoloConnect Modem Starter Kits
13:10 Bringing Your Own Data to LiveU Solo
13:31 Easily Select Your Online Destination
15:26 Stream Like A Pro For An Affordable Price
19:19 Introducing LiveU LU300S
20:30 LU300S and LU2000 Bundle
22:57 Designed for On-The-Go Productions
25:22 Broadcast-Grade Video Quality
27:08 Mission-Critical IP Bonding
27:56 Native 5G Field Unit for Extra Reliability
28:53 Rich Remote Production Tools
34:12 Wrap-Up

Top 5 Reasons to Start Streaming with LiveU Solo

  1. Start streaming within seconds
  2. Deliver rock-solid reliable video
  3. Stream live from anywhere
  4. Easily select your online destination
  5. Stream like a pro for an affordable price
LiveU Solo HDMI Encoder
LiveU Solo SDI

1. Start Streaming Within Seconds
Just plug-in your camera and go live at the push of a button. No need for a large crew or technical streaming expertise

2. Deliver Rock-Solid Reliable Videos
Stream high-quality videos by combining bandwidth from multiple network connections. 

3. Stream Live from Anywhere
Including remote locations or in congested network environments, such as crowded venues

LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT)

  • Video and audio protocol developed over the last decade by LiveU
  • It's not only a point-to-point, low latency, high resiliency protocol
  • Built to accommodate the special properties of cellular LTE networks

LiveU Solo Has 4 Options for Data Connection

  • Ethernet (wired)
  • WiFi (wireless)
  • 2x USB modems
  • Nighthawk can provide a WiFi hotspot or even be plugged directly into the wired port which would still allow for a phone hotspot as a 4th connection

4. Easily Select Your Online Destination
Go live on all popular online services and platforms. The LiveU Solo streaming device allows you to stream directly to any leading social platform or webpage. Just connect LiveU Solo to your camera, video switcher or any other video source, log into the web-based Solo portal to select your destination and go live!

5. Stream Like A Pro For An Affordable Price
LiveU Solo streams using RTMP but it has the same technology and power as higher end encoders.

LiveU Solo HDMI Encoder
LiveU Solo SDI

LiveU Solo Connect​
2 Modem Starter Kit​
Data Plan $295/month

LiveU Solo Connect​
3 Modem Starter Kit​
Data Plan $435/month​

Introducing The LiveU300S

Compact 5G, 4K 10-bit HDR unit for live streaming on-the-go.

The most powerful small-sized portable 5G video transmission solution for broadcast operations and live coverage on-the-go. 

Provides reliable 4K 10-bit HDR broadcast-grade video over 5G and other cellular/IP networks at a fraction of the cost.

15GB/month Data Plans Starting at $150 a month or $1,800 annually 

LU300s and LU2000 Bundle​ Starting at $14,995

Designed for On-The-Go Productions

  • Maximum production convenience with an intuitive interface and 2.2″ display
  • Multiple carrying options (camera mount, cross-shoulder pack and belt pack)
  • Integrated easily with other broadcasting accessories.

Broadcast-Grade Video Quality

  • Increase viewership and engage your audience by covering more live events in the highest video quality.​
  • The LU300S allows you to reliably transmit up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission over 12G-SDI or HDMI for optimal color depth and richness.​
  • Supporting richer audio production, the unit supports up to 8 audio channels for wider mixing options.​

Mission-Critical IP Bonding in a Small Form-Factor
Weighing just over 900 g (2 lb), the LU300S offers resilient bonding in a compact and lightweight portable unit! Supporting up to 30 Mbps, the unit combines up to six IP connections: 4 cellular, WiFi and LAN, based on LiveU’s patented HEVC bonding technology.

Native 5G Field Unit for Extra Reliability

  • With built-in 5G support, the LU300S delivers the highest bandwidth and ultra-low latency directly into your production.​
  • The unit supports up to 4 x 5G/4G cellular connections: two internal dual-SIM modems with high-efficiency antennas as well as two external modems. ​
  • Powered by LiveU's dedicated Reliable Transport protocol LRT™, the LU300S offers rock-solid reliability in the most challenging scenarios.

Rich Remote Production Tools:
Make your production more efficient with our remote production tools, seamlessly integrated with the LU300S to ensure the most professionally-produced live broadcasts.

  • Tally Light: Ensure professionally-produced and smoothly-run live broadcasts from anywhere. LiveU’s Tally Light enables field reporters and camera operators to know instantly when they’re live on air.
  • Audio Connect: LiveU Audio Connect offers high-quality and reliable cloud-based audio solutions, enabling news anchors and producers in the station to communicate easily with camera operators and talent in the field.​
  • IP Pipe: LiveU IP Pipe lets you gain remote control over a wide variety of network-based equipment, including robotic and PTZ cameras, Camera Control Units (CCUs), and IP-based intercom. As a result, the solution allows you to enhance your remote production set-up and reduce costs.​

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